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5 Airlines operate direct daily flights from the US, and a few thru Mexico City.

Panama operates as a hub for several airlines, getting from there to many places in the Americas like Costa Rica, Cuba, and South America is easy, if you want to make it a much longer trip, though there's plenty to do in Panama!

We have arranged a discount thru Continental and Copa. The discount can be significant from the fares available elsewhere, so worth taking a look. More details here!


Fares on offer vary widely depending on when you buy it, and sales are common. From LA and NY expect around $500-$700. From Miami, Atlanta and Houston $300-$500.

It's usually a good deal to use frequent-flyer miles if you can get them available, as most airlines only debit 30,000-35,000 miles from anywhere in the US.



























COPA Airlines

Panamanian Airline code-shares and half-owned by Continental. Direct flights from LA, Miami, and NY/JFK

Continental Airlines

Direct flights from Newark and Houston

Delta Airlines

Direct flights from Atlanta

American Airlines

Direct flights from Miami

Iberia Airlines

Direct flights from Miami


Airline flight meta-search engine (looks in Expedia, Travelocity, etc.)